Twas the night before Christmas Comprehension



Today we are going to read Twas the night before Christmas by  Clement Clarke Moore.

Answer the comprehension questions in your workbook and comment on the blog with a poem.


Night Before Christmas

Comprehension questions:

1.  Why were the stockings hung by the chimney?

2.  Who is Saint Nicholas?

3.  Who do you think is telling the story in the poem?

4.  Why do you think the children were dreaming of ‘sugar plums’?

5.   What did the father see when he looked out of the window?

6.  Do you think he was surprised?

7.  What were the names of the reindeer?

8.  Who was missing from the reindeers?

9.  What did Saint Nicholas have on his back and how did he get into the house?

10.  Why do you think the writer described Saint Nicholas’ tummy like a ‘bowlful of jelly’?


Your chance to comment:

Write a little poem of your own describing how you imagine Saint Nicholas delivers toys on Christmas Eve?