Drawings of Ivan’s domain

5M students recently created some fantastic drawings of Ivan’s domain. Students included lots of details that have been mentioned throughout the novel including Ivan’s physical characteristics and the items that are in his domain.

Here are some of the best in a slideshow.

What do you admire about the drawings of Ivan’s domain?

Do you think the 5M artists have captured the world that Katherine Applegate describes?

Important Reminder about Grade 6 uniform orders

Over the past few school days, grade 5 students have tried on a sample size polo top and long sleeve spray jacket in preparations for their Grade 6 Uniform. All information was sent home in a notice, including payment request.

This Friday the 2nd November is the final day for orders to be submitted.

If your order is late, you will not receive your Grade 6 uniform until after school has returned in 2013.

Thank you 4K

Thanks for welcoming me into your class to introduce the Grade 5 1-1 iPad program to you all. I was very impressed with the experiences with iPads and Blogging that many of you have already had! Congratulations 4K students – you are well on the way to being fantastic learners in Grade 5 next year. I am enjoying reading all your quality comments on the last post. Keep in touch with the 5M blog to gain an insight into what life is like in grade 5!

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Grade 4 1-1 iPad task

Grade 4 students leap towards their 1 to 1 iPad adventures


Over the next few weeks, the Grade 5 teachers will be visiting the Grade 4 classrooms with a tub full of surprises…..iPads! The Grade 5 team have prepared two sessions to engage students and explore the multimedia possibilities in a 1 to 1 classroom, but not forgetting to reflect upon important cybersmart protocols. Grade 5, 2013 is only a term away!

The Parent Information night (held in the Community Center at APPS on Wednesday 17th October), further explained 1 to 1 learning. A number of this year’s grade 5 students presented an app that they have found useful to engage, enhance and support their learning in 2012.

So Grade 4s…Can you describe 5 things that excite you about using iPads in Grade 5 in 2013?


On Monday 22nd October the Grade 5s pounded the pavement and did their best powerwalking efforts to raise funds during the annual Walkathon.

A big thanks to Mrs Batchelor for organising the day – we all had a great time and the weather was beautiful!

Congratulations Jack for being the first to return the sponsorship form!


5M keenly awaiting icypoles after the Walkathon

Behind the News: Preferential Voting

Click on the link below to watch the story “Preferential Voting”. Then answer the questions in your workbook.

  1. What was the main point of the story?
  2. What is the `First past the post’ voting system?
  3. When people go to the polls to vote, they number each candidate in order of _______________.
  4. How many votes does a politician need to get to win their seat?
  5. In your own words, describe preferential voting.
  6. Minor parties often do deals with major parties to give them ______________.
  7. Why do political parties hand out how to vote cards?
  8. Why are elections an important part of democracy?
  9. Do you think it is important for young people to understand the voting system? Why or why not?
  10. What do you understand more clearly since watching the BtN story?

How could we use preferential voting at school? Leave your response as a comment.

Figurative Language in The One and Only Ivan

Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan is choc-a-block full of similes and metaphors.

Put on your detective hat to work through some of the figurative language to decide what picture the author is trying to create when she uses similes and metaphors.

Your task and the quotes from the book are in the slideshow below.



Comment on this post by finishing this quote using a simile:

“My pictures are scattered all over the floor like…”