This week’s homework

Christmas story

For this week’s homework, you need to finish the Christmas Story you started for your buddy. It needs to be typed up in Pages and then your teacher will allow you to print it off at school.

We would then like you to make it into a book, with a colourful card cover to give to your buddy at our last buddy session.

Remember to illustrate your pages and include your buddy in it. Make them feel special!

If you have any questions about the homework please see your classroom teacher.

Narrative immersion

Over the past fortnight we have been reading a variety of narrative styles. We have particularly focused on the text structure and explored new adjectives and adverbs to enhance the meaning and description of our writing. For a writing task, the class shared the narrative below. Students highlighted the adjectivesand verbs in different colours. They then edited the piece and replaced the highlighted words with new words to enhance the meaning. The narrative, ‘I am a Possum’ is below.

I am a possum

One morning I climbed out of my tree to search for some food.

Suddenly I heard the noise of someone running and there was shouting. I stooddead still. I was terrified. Then I saw a foot, and my muscles came into action. I ran for all I was worth into some bushes.

The noise stopped. “Hey, Charlie! Get a box. I saw something move in the bushes,” said a voice. I saw a big thing coming at me, and then the mosthorrible face I ever dreamed of.

Suddenly it was dark. I was inside something. There were strange noises all around me. “Can I have a look?” asked someone.

“No, he might get out!”

Then there was an enormous roar. After a few moments it stopped and I was carried somewhere. The lid opened and a flood of light came into the thing. I climbed out cautiously and looked around. There were humans.

I shot back into the box. (I had realised that the thing was a box, and I huddled into a corner.) A hand grasped me and, almost chocking me, pulled me into the light.

That night I was put into a small cage made of rabbit-proof wire……….ADD YOUR COMPOSED PIECE HERE…….…After a struggle, I escaped and ran towards the bush.

Many days passed, and then I ran into..No, it couldn’t be…Yes, it was…My own territorial boundary. I passed it and saw my tree and my mates who had kept out trespassers.

I climbed into the tree and had breakfast.


Can you use your creative writing skills to contribute to the missing piece of the story above?

If you were the possum, what would you see from the cage? How would you feel? What would you do to try to escape?

Remember to write from a little possum’s perspective who has no idea about the items and things in the human world!


Source of Narrative. Durkin, Ferguson, Sperring, (2002) Text Types for Primary Schools: Book 5. Page 45. OXFORD University Press