Twas the night before Christmas Comprehension



Today we are going to read Twas the night before Christmas by  Clement Clarke Moore.

Answer the comprehension questions in your workbook and comment on the blog with a poem.


Night Before Christmas

Comprehension questions:

1.  Why were the stockings hung by the chimney?

2.  Who is Saint Nicholas?

3.  Who do you think is telling the story in the poem?

4.  Why do you think the children were dreaming of ‘sugar plums’?

5.   What did the father see when he looked out of the window?

6.  Do you think he was surprised?

7.  What were the names of the reindeer?

8.  Who was missing from the reindeers?

9.  What did Saint Nicholas have on his back and how did he get into the house?

10.  Why do you think the writer described Saint Nicholas’ tummy like a ‘bowlful of jelly’?


Your chance to comment:

Write a little poem of your own describing how you imagine Saint Nicholas delivers toys on Christmas Eve?

Literature circles launched in 5M

Literature Circles was launched in 5M today. The four texts are…

  • Mahtab’s Story by Libby Gleeson

  • A horse called Elvis by John Heffernan

  • The final lap by Michael Panckridge

  • Emmy and the incredible shrinking rat by Lynne Jonell

Each group meets three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are seven sessions in total to complete the text.

Visit the ‘Literature Circles’ page to get the low-down on the different roles and suggested ways to present your task. There is a page set up for each group too so check-in to see what each group has been discussing.

Drawings of Ivan’s domain

5M students recently created some fantastic drawings of Ivan’s domain. Students included lots of details that have been mentioned throughout the novel including Ivan’s physical characteristics and the items that are in his domain.

Here are some of the best in a slideshow.

What do you admire about the drawings of Ivan’s domain?

Do you think the 5M artists have captured the world that Katherine Applegate describes?

Behind the News: Preferential Voting

Click on the link below to watch the story “Preferential Voting”. Then answer the questions in your workbook.

  1. What was the main point of the story?
  2. What is the `First past the post’ voting system?
  3. When people go to the polls to vote, they number each candidate in order of _______________.
  4. How many votes does a politician need to get to win their seat?
  5. In your own words, describe preferential voting.
  6. Minor parties often do deals with major parties to give them ______________.
  7. Why do political parties hand out how to vote cards?
  8. Why are elections an important part of democracy?
  9. Do you think it is important for young people to understand the voting system? Why or why not?
  10. What do you understand more clearly since watching the BtN story?

How could we use preferential voting at school? Leave your response as a comment.

Figurative Language in The One and Only Ivan

Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan is choc-a-block full of similes and metaphors.

Put on your detective hat to work through some of the figurative language to decide what picture the author is trying to create when she uses similes and metaphors.

Your task and the quotes from the book are in the slideshow below.



Comment on this post by finishing this quote using a simile:

“My pictures are scattered all over the floor like…”

The One and Only Ivan – Character Captain

As we read our 100th page of the text, The One and Only Ivan, let’s reflect upon the main characters, their individual identities, qualities, feelings, features and expressions that make them unique and draw us (the audience) in.

Use the poppet app to create a graphic organiser that allows you to list four main characters and key ideas and adjectives to describe them. Conclude the task by thinking of a minimum of three shared characteristics that they all have in common.


Check out some of the Tagxego word clouds that 5M made from their adjectives.

Adjectives for Ruby

Adjectives for Bob

Adjectives for Ivan

Everyday leadership – TED talk

This week’s task for Reading Roations is a TED talk about Everyday Leadership. Click on the link below to watch the talk by Drew Dudley who belives that leadership is not just about famous people but about small actions by everyday people that change lives.

Answer the folowing questions in your workbook:

1. Do most people believe leadership is about everyday people or people that change the world?

2. Drew tells the story of a young girl on her first day at university. How was she feeling that day?

3. What did Drew do that made the girl feel more comfortable about her first day at university?

4. Leadership is about making a change in others’ lives. How did Drew change the girl’s life?

5. Drew talks about “lollypop moments.” What does he mean by this?


Your chance to comment:

Do you believe that everyone can be a leader or do you believe that leadership is about being in charge and making decisions?

The One and Only Ivan – Predictions

In class 5M looked at the cover of The One and Only Ivan in preparation for the Global Read Aloud and made some predictions about the book on Wallwisher.


In class 5M looked at the cover of The One and Only Ivan in preparation for the Global Read Aloud and made some predictions about the book on Wallwisher.

How might your prediction change now that we have started the book?

Global Read Aloud

This year all the grade 5 classes are participating in the Global Read Aloud. We are reading the text “The One and Only Ivan“.

Check out this video below from the Global Read Aloud website! We’re so excited and can’t wait to share our thoughts with other classes around the world!

How might we communicate with other classes around the world about the book we are all reading?