Campaign Kick-off

In August 2010, Behind the News reported on the persuasive devices used in politics to encourage Australians to vote for their idea. This week grade 5 students will do just that!

By watching this report, I hope it helps your group create a crafty and persuasive campaign to encourage other grade 5 students to vote for your team’s idea to develop or improve an area of our school.

To have the best chance of success, your team will also want to consider having the following the support their campaign:

  • Political Party Name

  • Party Slogan

  • Persuasive Speech

  • Print media (posters and flyers)

  • Badges

  • Commercials

  • Debate

  • How to Vote cards (with preference deals with other groups)

    Your chance to comment – If you could only have one tool to campaign – which one do you think would be the most effective and why?

Behind the News – Passing a Bill

In Integrated we have been talking about the leaders that make decisions for the people that they represent.
Have you ever thought about how new laws are made in Australia?
Watch the Behind the News Story to find out more!

Your task is to make a flowchart in Popplet that explains the process for passing a bill.

Your chance to comment: What is a new law you would like to see in Australia and why?