Twas the night before Christmas Comprehension



Today we are going to read Twas the night before Christmas by  Clement Clarke Moore.

Answer the comprehension questions in your workbook and comment on the blog with a poem.


Night Before Christmas

Comprehension questions:

1.  Why were the stockings hung by the chimney?

2.  Who is Saint Nicholas?

3.  Who do you think is telling the story in the poem?

4.  Why do you think the children were dreaming of ‘sugar plums’?

5.   What did the father see when he looked out of the window?

6.  Do you think he was surprised?

7.  What were the names of the reindeer?

8.  Who was missing from the reindeers?

9.  What did Saint Nicholas have on his back and how did he get into the house?

10.  Why do you think the writer described Saint Nicholas’ tummy like a ‘bowlful of jelly’?


Your chance to comment:

Write a little poem of your own describing how you imagine Saint Nicholas delivers toys on Christmas Eve?

9 thoughts on “Twas the night before Christmas Comprehension

  1. Dear 5M,

    This is my poem. I hope that you like it.

    My Santa Poem:

    He kept all his presents in his sack
    Tied sucurely to his back
    His sleigh was speeding through the night
    Rudolph’s nose was shining bright
    Leading Santa to each house
    But he couldn’t even hear a mouse
    Each child waking in the morning
    But maybe we should give them a warning
    That when Santa delivers presents at night
    Please do not give him a fright

    From Lizzy 5M

  2. Lizzy,
    What a wonderful rhyming couplet poem!
    This could become a new Christmas classic!
    Mrs Morgan

  3. Dear 5m,

    This is my poem I hope you enjoy it.

    On the night before Christmas Santa Claus came
    As he jumped off his sleigh he looked through the window pane.
    He walked to the door, his face smiling with glee
    His stomach wobbled then he threw up his key.

    When he opened the door, proud of his job
    Guess who jumped out? A cat named bob.
    As you know Santa is friends to every living soul
    When he finished placing the presents he looked in a bowl.

    Some chocolate chip cookies and glass full of milk
    When they went down his throat, it felt like silk.
    As he hopped on his sleigh again, full of joy
    He delivered all the other presents to all the other girls and boys.

  4. Dear 5m
    This is my poem I hope you like it!

    St Nick had a sack
    that he kept on his back
    as Rudolph nose
    was red as a rose

    St Nick had a fright
    all though the night
    with a thing or two
    with St nick will do a thing or two

    From Madi

  5. Dear 5M,

    This is my Christmas poem:

    Santa flying swiftly,
    The reindeers racing quickly,
    Up high in the sky,
    With the horses that fly.

    Up and away,
    Go, go ,go
    Over the mountains,
    Over the snow.

    Away from the city,
    And then back home,
    All cosy and warm
    Away from the upcoming snow storm.

    Hope you like it.
    From Renee 5M

  6. Dear grade 5M,

    This is my Poem hope you like it

    Santa poem:

    Santa leaves the presents below
    And goes up the chimney and walks in the snow
    Goes to see Rudolph’s nose
    Of course it’s still in a glow
    And Santa says farewell let’s go
    And flies off touching his mo
    And looks down low
    He looks at all the light
    And sees the glee from the night

    By Kyle 5M

  7. Poor Santa – a wobbly tummy would be no fun on Christmas night!
    A very humourous poem – well done Cara!

  8. Hi Kyle,
    Fabulous poem…I love the reference to his Mo!
    What would Santa look like if he did Movember I wonder…?!
    From Mrs Morgan

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