Behind the News – Passing a Bill

In Integrated we have been talking about the leaders that make decisions for the people that they represent.
Have you ever thought about how new laws are made in Australia?
Watch the Behind the News Story to find out more!

Your task is to make a flowchart in Popplet that explains the process for passing a bill.

Your chance to comment: What is a new law you would like to see in Australia and why?

11 thoughts on “Behind the News – Passing a Bill

  1. Dear 5M,

    #1 A new law that I would like to see passed in Australia is smoking being banned. I would like to see this law passed because if it is people will end up being a lot healthier and the air will be fresh. If this law is passed the life span if this generation will be much longer as the air is clearer and fresher instead of all clogged up and smelly.

    #2 Another new law I would like to see passed is electric cars only because all of the smoke will fill up the air with smoke and congestion. If this is passed it will be the same as no smoking; longer lives and fresher air.

    From Lizzy

  2. Dear 5M,

    Hi, the number one law I would like to see passed is no littering anywhere or suffer a large fine. Because it would keep the world cleaner and it would be better for everyone.


  3. Dear 5m,

    A new law I would like to see is a ban on places like KFC and Hungry Jacks. It is unhealthy and doesn’t taste that nice anyway. I know it’s the only food some families can afford but the supermarkets have extremely low prices now with HEALTHY food.

    From Cara

  4. Dear 5M,

    A new law I would like to see passed in Australia is not leaving rubbish anywhere you like. At the shops it’s not surprising to see a drink left behind. In Singapore there are no drinks on the floor anywhere. so I would like Australia to have the same law as Singapore.

    From Renee

  5. Dear 5M
    I have 1 law that I want to be passed.

    1. Smoking in public areas. When I’m in the city or at a shopping centre it really annoys me having to walk past people smoking. I have asthma and when I get the smoke in me I get wheezy and sometimes I might not have a puffer on me.
    From James

  6. Dear 5M,

    The law I would like to see around Australia is you are not allowed to smoke in certain places.

    From Joel M

  7. Dear 5m

    There should be signs in local parks and hospitals ore anywhere like that with signs that say you are not allowed to smoke in public spaces.

    From Merve

  8. Dear 5M and Mrs Morgan,

    I would like if a law in Australia would be that if your a AFL player or some sort of sportsmen that when your season has finished for your sport your allowed to have a normal life and you don’t have to obey the laws that you have to when your playing your sport during the season.

    From Kyle 5M

  9. Dear 5m,
    A new law I would like to see would be making it a privilege to drive so people who don’t smoke and take drugs and talk on their mobile don’t have to be worried about crazy maniacs that take drugs because they won’t be able to drive.

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