Grade 5 Leadership Conference


As part of our preparation for Grade 6 and our voting for the 2013 School Leaders, we held a Leadership Conference on the afternoon of Wednesday October 31st. We had three guest speakers who all hold leadership positions in our local community. Each spoke to the grade 5′s about their own personal experiences as leaders as well as giving the students insight into different types of leadership as well as the challenges and opportunities that face leaders.

The grade 5 teachers hope that all students enjoyed the afternoon and also learned some more about how to be effective leaders. To complete our Leadership Conference it would be great to hear from the students about what they enjoyed and what they learned on the afternoon. Students can provide these through commenting on this post.

Special thanks to Hannah, Shawn and Mr Reeve, our school principal, on providing such interesting and informative presentations to the students.

14 thoughts on “Grade 5 Leadership Conference

  1. Dear 5m

    I think that the leadership conference is a great way to learn how to be a leader for the school next year when everyone is in grade 6 and I think that Hannah, Mr Reeve and the police man all did a good job at telling us how it is like to be a leader and how it is to do the things that you have to do.

    By Merve 5m

  2. Dear 5M
    Hannah, Shawn and Mr Reeve taught me lots of ways to become a leader. They each gave a great speech to the grade 5s and we will use their ways and become great leaders.
    From James

  3. Dear 5M,

    I learnt that to be a good leader you have to be helpful, friendly, co-operate well with others and show initiative.

    From Ashlee.

  4. Dear 5m
    I really enjoyed meeting all the leaders and how they all were leaders in different ways. I learnt to make sure that you step up and that you vote for leaders wisely.
    From Erin

  5. Dear 5M,

    I loved listening to Hannah, Shawn and Mr Reeve talk about their journeys as leaders. I learnt that being a leader isn’t necessarily about being in charge it’s about making the right decision and doing the right thing although some people think you’re being bossy you’re probably not.

    From Morgan

  6. I learnt a lot from the conference on Wednesday and the speakers gave a very good example. I learnt that if you don’t have some things like confidence you can’t be a leader. Sometimes you can’t just do what you think is the easiest.

    From your class mate Dazz

  7. Dear 5M

    I enjoyed seeing Shaun because he kept saying funny jokes but he still got the message through. i learnt that it’s not just policeman or doctors are leaders but everyone is and don’t be scared. thank you for organising this for us.

    your sincerely Tom

  8. Dear 5M,

    I really enjoyed listening to the leadership talk yesterday afternoon. It was really great to listen to what other people do to be a good leader. We had three fantastic speakers from three different places of work. I have learnt some great tips heading into grade 6 next year. I am really excited going to grade 6 next year!

    Regards Kyle 5M

  9. Dear 5M,

    I really enjoyed learning about all different kinds of leadership and where it can take you. I thought that the range of leaders were so different yet so alike. Being leaders for a year, their whole lives even! Now I am really, really looking forward to grade 6 next year!

    Yours sincerely, Lizzy 5M

  10. Dear 5M,

    Hi, I really enjoyed listening to the three fantastic speakers on Wednesday. The main thing I learnt is that you need confidence to be a good leader and that everyone is a leader, not just the prime ministers.


  11. Dear 5M,

    I really enjoyed listening to the three people who came into the class room. I found it very interesting the different ways these people were leaders. I learnt some great leadership qualities and it will really help me in through the rest of my life.

    Regards Jackson D 5M

  12. Dear 5M,

    I really enjoyed listening to the three leaders speak about what you have to do to become a good leader. I learnt that you don’t have to be bossy to be a leader and I learnt 13 other things that you can do to become a leader.

    From Dan

  13. Dear 5M,

    I learnt a lot about being a leader last week. We had three inspirational speakers, Hannah, Shawn and Mr. Reeve. I learnt it’s not always about being persuasive it’s also about being kind and respecting others.

    From Cara

  14. Dear 5M,

    The leadership conference was really interesting. The three speakers Hannah, Shawn and Mr. Reeve are very good leaders in their own way. I learnt that you don’t vote for people because they’re your best friend, vote for people that you believe would make a good leader. To be a leader you have to be confident. As a leader, people will remember what you say. One of the most important things about being a leader is NOT being bossy. I learnt a lot on Wednesday afternoon. These qualities will help me in everyday life.

    Sincerely, Renee

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