Drawings of Ivan’s domain

5M students recently created some fantastic drawings of Ivan’s domain. Students included lots of details that have been mentioned throughout the novel including Ivan’s physical characteristics and the items that are in his domain.

Here are some of the best in a slideshow.

What do you admire about the drawings of Ivan’s domain?

Do you think the 5M artists have captured the world that Katherine Applegate describes?

6 thoughts on “Drawings of Ivan’s domain

  1. Dear 5M,

    Cool drawings, Morgan, Jack, Kiralee, Nick V, Cara, Melise, Nick R and Teagan.

    From Ashlee

  2. Hey 5M!

    I think that those drawings are fantastic. They really show Ivan’s domain from their perspective. Really amazing work! 🙂

    From Lizzy

  3. Dear 5M,

    Those drawings are great they show everything from Ivan’s domain and show extra features and great colours.

    Regards Jackson D 5M.

  4. Dear 5M,

    Hi, I love the drawings especially because they have so much detail, like the banana peels and the TV. I think they have captured Katherine’s idea perfectly each in a different way!


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