Grade 4 1-1 iPad task

Grade 4 students leap towards their 1 to 1 iPad adventures


Over the next few weeks, the Grade 5 teachers will be visiting the Grade 4 classrooms with a tub full of surprises…..iPads! The Grade 5 team have prepared two sessions to engage students and explore the multimedia possibilities in a 1 to 1 classroom, but not forgetting to reflect upon important cybersmart protocols. Grade 5, 2013 is only a term away!

The Parent Information night (held in the Community Center at APPS on Wednesday 17th October), further explained 1 to 1 learning. A number of this year’s grade 5 students presented an app that they have found useful to engage, enhance and support their learning in 2012.

So Grade 4s…Can you describe 5 things that excite you about using iPads in Grade 5 in 2013?

16 thoughts on “Grade 4 1-1 iPad task

  1. Hi, Mrs Morgan
    It’s Stephen and Mila from 4K!
    1.) Has a wide range of games.
    2.) We are allowed to take our IPads home.
    3.) We can interact with our friends on our IPads. E.g FaceTime Messages.
    4.) Books for less- iBooks are cheaper on iPads than paper books.
    5.) You can get cool IPad covers!

    By Mila and Stephen

  2. G’day Mrs.Morgan and 5M,
    We are really excited because nearly every thing and activity we need the I pad.
    We are also really excited because you can download school apps on it.
    We are really excited because we can take it home and play on it.
    We are also really excited because we get our own passwords.
    We are really excited about I Pads in 2013 because it will be our thing to keep (If we buy it)
    Thank you for teaching us all of this.
    We are really excited for next year!
    By Van Van and Sarah 4K 2012

  3. Dear Mrs Morgan
    The iPad is touch screen so it’s interactive instead of the computer witch means you don’t need to actually touch the keys in person.
    You get to play Games on it after school and use it in a fun way in school
    To be able to do your work on it ( homework, school work ect.)
    To be able to write much quicker and faster.
    To be able to use a iPad in class and don’t get in trouble.
    From Elise and Josh

  4. Dear Mrs Morgan

    The five things that we are excited about using the iPad are….

    We get to use a variety of apps.
    We each get our own I pad
    We use them for art, music, pe etc.
    4. We get cool IPad covers.
    5. We get our own blogs!

    From Talissa and James 4K 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. We are excited about having iPads because they are very swift and it is really easy to use.

    2. We like the apps on the iPads and also the options there are.

    3. They can enhance our learning really quickly in interesting ways.

    4. We’ll get to use it a lot in class.

    5. Dear Mrs Morgan

    I am excited about games
    To use a I pad in class and not get in trouble

    From Paris and C.J

  6. It excites us because iPads are big and really easy to work.
    iPad are fun because you you download apps and play them.
    iPad are cool because you can get apps that you can’t get on iPods and phones.
    iPads are good because your fingers don’t get tiered for writing.
    It excites me because we can use them out school.
    By Chelsea and Deakon

  7. Dear 5M,
    I am excited about doing presentations on the iPad.
    I am very excited about doing activities on the iPad.
    I am excited about downloading my own apps.
    I am going to enjoy leaning on the iPad.
    I am going to enjoy reading books on the iPad.
    From Jarryd & Anastasia

  8. Dear Mrs. Morgan,
    Tyler and Sophia’s 5 reasons:

    1.The way the iPad helps my learning!

    2.I am excited about having my owning my own technology.

    3.The way it helps my homework and using the Internet.

    4.I’m also excited about doing some class activeties with it.

    5.I am excited about the games!

  9. 5. Dear Mrs Morgan

    I am excited about games
    To use a I pad in class and not get in trouble

    From Paris and C.J

  10. Issy,Tyler J dear Mrs Morgan,

    1.They’re easy to move.

    2.You can play private games.

    3. You can stand them up.

    4. You can use Internet.

    5. It corrects you when you get something wrong.
    From Tyler and Izzy

    6. They are touch screen.

  11. Maxwell And Jack
    1.We don’t have to use computers anymore.
    2. IPads are easier to use.
    3. It is lighter to carry around then a computer.
    4.You can read books on your iPad.
    5. You can change the keyboard.

  12. 5 Things we are looking forward to about the IPads next year! By Tiarne and Jack B.

    It will be much easier to finish work in and out of the classroom.

    It would be much more detailed to do homework on the iPads instead of in our excersise books.

    More exciting to do work, activities and problems.

    A great resource to search up information.

    Reading books silently on our iPads for silent reading.

    Thanks for teaching us Mrs Morgan!

  13. hi Mrs Morgan, Its Elise from 4K,
    I love the blog heaps! well done to 5M and you Mrs Morgan for having such a great blog!
    keep it up! i love it

  14. Thanks for your comment Elise. Enjoy your last term in grade 4 with Mr K. The grade 5 teachers are looking forward to having you in one their classes in 2013!

  15. Thanks Mrs Morgan!!
    Hope you also have a great rest of term 4!
    its a shame i wont be able to have you next year!!

  16. Dear Mrs Morgan,

    It’s Claire from 4K sorry I didn’t send this earlier but I lost the address.
    Ipads sound great unfortunately I am moving school in grade 5.
    It’s sad I really wanted to be in your grade. Well these things happen.

    From Claire

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