Figurative Language in The One and Only Ivan

Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan is choc-a-block full of similes and metaphors.

Put on your detective hat to work through some of the figurative language to decide what picture the author is trying to create when she uses similes and metaphors.

Your task and the quotes from the book are in the slideshow below.



Comment on this post by finishing this quote using a simile:

“My pictures are scattered all over the floor like…”

9 thoughts on “Figurative Language in The One and Only Ivan

  1. I like this project because it makes the reader think and it relates to language arts that are used in the real world.This would be a good project to put in the back of a book beacause it is a review of what the reader has read to make sure they comprehend their reading.

  2. Dear 5M,
    Hi, here is my answer.
    “My pictures are scattered all over the floor like plant food carefully sprinkled over a freshly planted plant”.

    From Jack.

  3. This message is being sent by Jackson D.

    And this is my answer.

    My pictures are scattered all over the floor like a trail of gigantic dominos?

  4. Dear Miss. Morgan,
    Wow! That is amazing how did you think of that many adjectives to describe Bob, Ruby and Ivan. It’s really sad that Stella died and then her body got thrown into a rubbish truck. If I wasn’t reading The One and Only Ivan I would be able to picture them in my head. They are really good adjectives.
    From you blogging buddy

  5. Thanks for your message Amelia! All the adjectives in the word clouds came from the ones 5M students wrote in their Poplets during reading rotations. It was a real team effort to make them so detailed.
    Mrs Morgan

  6. I like quote 4 because it’s figurative language. It describes more and gives more details because you won’t know what Ivan will do next.
    My favorite quote from the book is. “An elephant’s hide is thick as bark on a ancient tree,but a claw stick can pierce it like a leaf.” I like the quote because it describes how sharp and painful the claw stick is. It helps the reader to see and feel with the characters.

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