The One and Only Ivan – Character Captain

As we read our 100th page of the text, The One and Only Ivan, let’s reflect upon the main characters, their individual identities, qualities, feelings, features and expressions that make them unique and draw us (the audience) in.

Use the poppet app to create a graphic organiser that allows you to list four main characters and key ideas and adjectives to describe them. Conclude the task by thinking of a minimum of three shared characteristics that they all have in common.


Check out some of the Tagxego word clouds that 5M made from their adjectives.

Adjectives for Ruby

Adjectives for Bob

Adjectives for Ivan

2 thoughts on “The One and Only Ivan – Character Captain

  1. The way you described Ivan, Ruby, and Bob. It is interesting how the way you shaped the describing words into the characters and a banana for Ivan.

  2. Dear Mrs Morgan and 5M,

    I like the way you showed all the adjectives. There is many adjectives and it looks amazing.

    From Steffi

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