Everyday leadership – TED talk

This week’s task for Reading Roations is a TED talk about Everyday Leadership. Click on the link below to watch the talk by Drew Dudley who belives that leadership is not just about famous people but about small actions by everyday people that change lives.

Answer the folowing questions in your workbook:

1. Do most people believe leadership is about everyday people or people that change the world?

2. Drew tells the story of a young girl on her first day at university. How was she feeling that day?

3. What did Drew do that made the girl feel more comfortable about her first day at university?

4. Leadership is about making a change in others’ lives. How did Drew change the girl’s life?

5. Drew talks about “lollypop moments.” What does he mean by this?


Your chance to comment:

Do you believe that everyone can be a leader or do you believe that leadership is about being in charge and making decisions?

13 thoughts on “Everyday leadership – TED talk

  1. Dear 5M,

    I think that you don’t need to be in charge to be a leader but you need to be able to make the right decisions to help and guide people, not forcefully but kindly. So any one can be a leader but as long as they are kind and considerate people that know right from wrong; they can be the perfect leader.

    From Lizzy

  2. Dear 5m,

    I think that everyone can be a leader if they all help change people’s lives in a good way.

    From Cara

  3. Dear 5M,
    Hi, I think everyone can be a leader if they believe they can. You could change someone’s life in the smallest way that you don’t realize but you still changed it even if they don’t tell you!
    From Jack

  4. I think that everyone is a leader in different ways and changing people’s lives differently people can be a leader by just being a captain of a team or a leader of a science group.

    From Jackson

  5. Dear Mrs Morgan,

    I believe that everyone can be a leader. People can just do little things to be a leader, like being a good role model and making your own decisions.

    From Dan

  6. Dear 5M,

    I think that anyone can be a leader but you have to change someone’s life first.
    Joel G

  7. Dear Mrs Morgan,

    I believe that anyone can be a leader to change someone’s life.
    From Adam in 5t.

  8. Hi Mrs Morgan and 5M,

    I, like Drew, believe that an normal, everyday person can be a leader and it’s not just about making big decisions or changing the world.

    I also really love your blog. I like the header image and the ‘Archived Entry’ box.

    From your Blogging Buddy Neve, 5T.

    P.s Please visit our blog and comment too!

  9. Dear 5m

    I reckon that everyone can be a leader in their own way but know one can be in charge of everything in the world but they can be in charge to do what they wish to do.

  10. Everyone can be a leader in a way to make people happy and encourage them to never give up.

  11. Dear 5M,

    I believe that that everyone can be a leader because it’s not about being a boss it’s about what you do.

    From Ashlee

  12. Dear 5M

    I believe you do not have to be “in charge” to be a leader. I think that anybody can be a leader because every kid has the potential inside of them to guide other kids to do the right things and be a leader.

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