Digital Footprint – Behind the News

This week’s reading task is a BTN story about Digital Footprints.

Click on the link below to watch the story “Digital Footprint”. Then answer the questions in your workbook.

1. Give an example of how a person’s movements are tracked.

2. Why  has  online  privacy  been  an  issue  in  recent  years?

3. What  happened  to  the  Sony  Playstation  network?

4. What did it mean for Sony’s online users?

5. What sorts of information are people sharing online?

6. How can online activity be monitored?

7. How can information  footprints  be  useful?

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How  people  can  make  smart  choices  online?

What  do  you  understand  more  clearly  since  watching  the  story?

7 thoughts on “Digital Footprint – Behind the News

  1. Dear 5M,

    People can make smart choices online by not posting personal information. They could also not post any pictures or comments to do with where they are or where they are going. This BTN story has helped me understand more clearly about online networks by telling me that there are people looking at everyone’s every move.

    From Lizzy

  2. Dear 5m,

    I loved this task. I hope you enjoyed my answers.
    1. People can make smart choices online by not showing any personal information.
    2. I understand more clearly after watching this story about cyber safety.

    From Cara

  3. Dear 5M

    I loved this activity and the film on BTN.

    1. People can make smart choices by not sharing anything personal on the Internet and other places.

    2. To never talk to people online about you or anyone else about
    Personal things that had happened to you or your friends.

    From Merve

  4. Dear 5M,
    People can make smart choices online when they know what they are getting themselves into.

    I understand how serious hacking is because they can get your credit-card number.

    From Nick V

  5. Dear 5m,
    I loved this task really interesing ! I hope you will like this too.I Think people can make a smarter choice by not posting personal information like address, last name and post individual photos of your self. I have lernt a lot from this BTN story it has helped me understand about online network by telling me that people are watching your every move.

    From Nicola 🙂

  6. Dear 5M,
    A smart choice online is if you make an account for example if you had a MSN account a smart choice is to make the account private so not as much informationis shared. I understand that there are more ways for people to breach your privacy.

    From James

  7. Dear 5M,

    I think people can make smart choices online by not posting personal information like full names and date of birth. I now understand that people can see everything you do online since watching this BTN episode.

    From Dan

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