10 thoughts on “Jack’s “Sh” sound Explain Everything

  1. Dear Mrs Morgan and 5M
    All of the SH souds on Explain Everything where great not to brag but I won the SH souds in my grade it was a Quick Mr SH man movie!
    Congratulations to Jack for a great sh souds. Explain Everything has been great having doing lots of things on the app:)
    From Madi from 5A

  2. Dear Jack
    Well done Jack for getting your Eplain Everything clip on your grade blog! It’s a really good video and I think it’s fantastic. I didn’t get to make my Sh sound clip because mine was playing up on me, but I didn’t mind too much.

    Regards Emily.B 5s

  3. Dear 5M
    I really like your blog.
    What is your favourite thing about the blog?

    From your friend
    Ben S

  4. Dear Jack,
    I loved that Explain Everything. I can see that you spent a lot of time and effort on it. I even learnt some ‘Sh’ Words. Keep on making amazing projects!

    Jake 5T

  5. Dear Mrs Morgan and 5M,

    Wow your blog is really funky I love all the glittery text and cool red and green background. I also like Jack’s movie as he really put in an effort. Keep posting lots on your blog.

    Regards Ruby 5t

  6. Dear Jack
    I think the slideshow was really cool because all the objects were sliding and you explained then ‘Sh’ sounds extremely well. I really loved it keep up the good work.

  7. Dear Jack,
    I really enjoyed your movie is was amazing I really loved how some of the text was hiding behind a circle and recording in a quiet place I could here some of our production music I’m guessing was sung by your brother that was funny other than that I thought is was great and the best sh sound movie jack your truly a superstR

    From Melise

  8. Dear 5M,

    I think people can make smart choices by keeping it personal by saying first names and not last names.
    Nick R

  9. Dear 5M,

    I liked Jack’s movie because it looks so professional! All of those words hidden behind the circles looked so cool! Really great job Jack. 🙂

    From Lizzy

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