5M has launched into the world of fractions in Maths. For the next 3 weeks we will be comparing fractions, exploring equivalent fractions and making connections between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Today we finished making fractions walls. We used coloured strips to make fractions up to tenths. They all look great and will be a fantastic resource for the unit.

Erin’s fraction wall

How do you use fractions in everyday life?

18 thoughts on “Fractions

  1. Dear 5m,
    I love doing fraction work in class. You can use fractions in everyday life when you’re shopping, doing laundry, cooking and making a program for the day. I’m looking forward to doing more fraction work in class.
    Your friend Ashlee.

  2. Dear 5M,

    I loved making the fraction walls and finding out how to make different fraction sizes. I also use fractions in my usual day when I am cooking, measuring length and dividing things equaly between a certain number of people. I am really looking forward to learning more about fractions, percentages and decimals. Hope we have lots of fun!

    From Lizzy

  3. Dear 5M,

    I’m so excited to learn about fractions. It’s something that we didn’t talk about as much in grade 4. I use fractions as an everyday tool when I shop, by decimals (ie…..$5.47) once I learn the percentages I will definatley use that to work out the house point percentage. Hopefully before Mrs Morgan! This is a great topic and there’s lots to learn!

    From Renee

  4. Dear 5M,
    I use fractions when my family is eating food. For example if there’s 4 or us we would split the cake into quarters then it will be fair

  5. Dear 5M,

    Erin’s fraction wall is fantastic I enjoyed making those. I can’t wait to start learning more about fractions! I use fractions in everyday life to divide food to share with my family.

    From Cara

  6. Dear 5M

    We use fractions in every day life when they pay for things at the store or if when they are playing a sport even at a party when you need to cut up a cake in equal slices.

  7. Dear 5M

    We use fractions in every day life with pies or a biscuit. For it to be fair I use fractions to see how much two people get each.

  8. Hi 5M,

    I use fractions at horse riding to aim at the jump correctly ,to cut the cake at home, when baking and also when painting and that’s how I use fractions in everyday life.

    From Morgan

  9. Dear 5M

    The fraction walls were fantastic fun! We use fractions in everyday life when we pay for items at the store or if we are sharing food at home, eg cake if there’s five people that want cake you can cut it into fiths so it’s equal slices.

    From Nicola!

  10. Dear 5m
    I love making the fraction walls but some of the folding was frustrating. I use fractions at gymnastics, swimming, dancing and netball
    From Lara

  11. Dear 5M,

    Wow. I love Erin’s fraction wall it’s so good. I use fractions in my cooking when I shop and doing the laundry.

    From your friend Kiralee

  12. Dear 5M,

    I loved making a fraction wall! I use fractions in food eg if my family was eating chocolate I would share it in quarters or fifths etc.

    From Dan

  13. Dear 5M

    I use fractions in everyday life with my homework, school times and cooking plus it is really fun as well and I also use it in shopping, doing the laundry and in usual life. 🙂

    Love from your friend Merve

  14. Dear 5M,
    I think fraction work is great. The ways you can use fractions in everyday life can be doing laundry, shopping, cooking, sharing food with my family and in sport. This week was so fun making the fraction walls and I am looking forward to working more with fractions later in the year.

    From your class mate Jackson D!

  15. Dear 5m,

    I loved doing the fraction walls it was so fun and I learnt heaps I wish I could do it again. But it was really hard I took a while to do it but I finished. I use fractions to help me split food up at home. For example, I split a packet of chips in half to share with my brother.

    From Carlos

  16. Dear 5M

    The fractions wall was great fun. I use fractions in everyday life when I’m going to buy something at the shop and I need to workout how much change I’m going to get.

    From Tom

  17. Dear 5M, I use fractions when I am cutting a cake so I know everyone gets the same sized piece of cake. Also when I need to know how many pieces there are so everyone gets a piece.

    From dazz.

  18. Dear 5M,

    Hi, I loved making the fraction wall the other day it was loads of fun. The way I would use fractions would be in sport. For example, their are four quarters in a football game and two halves in a basketball game. I’ve had great fun and I can’t wait for more in the weeks to come!


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