Cybersafety over the holidays


As the end of the year is nearly upon us, the grade five teachers wanted to remind all of the grade five students about cybersafety. Cybersafety and safe internet practise still applies when you are on holidays.

Our school is currently participating in the eSmart program – which is all about being safe online.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Remember that you should behave the same way towards others whether you are online or offline. This rule applies when you are using apps like iMessage over the holidays. Remember that what you’re writing should be appropriate and purposeful. No “Hey…” messages.
  • Never give out any personal information over the internet, no matter how truthful you think the person you are talking to is.
  • If you’re unsure of what you’re viewing or if someone has sent you a message that is inappropriate make sure you tell a trusted adult what is going on. They will be able to help you.
  • Always keep your password safe!
  • Social networking sites can be fun and useful.. if you use them appropriately! Make sure if you are using these sites that your parents know you are using them. Sit down with them and teach them how to use them properly. And remember.. a lot of these sites have age restrictions where you need to be aged 13+ to register. If you aren’t 13 yet, then you definitely should not be using it.

Remember to be conscientious about these things for the rest of the year and over the holidays!!

If you or your parents want to learn more about cybersafety they can visit the cybersafety section on the 5A blog

The grade five team :)

Miss Anderson, Miss Tomat, Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Smith

Twas the night before Christmas Comprehension



Today we are going to read Twas the night before Christmas by  Clement Clarke Moore.

Answer the comprehension questions in your workbook and comment on the blog with a poem.


Night Before Christmas

Comprehension questions:

1.  Why were the stockings hung by the chimney?

2.  Who is Saint Nicholas?

3.  Who do you think is telling the story in the poem?

4.  Why do you think the children were dreaming of ‘sugar plums’?

5.   What did the father see when he looked out of the window?

6.  Do you think he was surprised?

7.  What were the names of the reindeer?

8.  Who was missing from the reindeers?

9.  What did Saint Nicholas have on his back and how did he get into the house?

10.  Why do you think the writer described Saint Nicholas’ tummy like a ‘bowlful of jelly’?


Your chance to comment:

Write a little poem of your own describing how you imagine Saint Nicholas delivers toys on Christmas Eve?

This week’s homework

Christmas story

For this week’s homework, you need to finish the Christmas Story you started for your buddy. It needs to be typed up in Pages and then your teacher will allow you to print it off at school.

We would then like you to make it into a book, with a colourful card cover to give to your buddy at our last buddy session.

Remember to illustrate your pages and include your buddy in it. Make them feel special!

If you have any questions about the homework please see your classroom teacher.

5M donates to Movember

Today 5M wore home-made moustaches to support the Apollo staff that are participating in Movember. The aim of Movember is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health.

A very special thanks to all of those who wore moustaches for the day and brought a donation.

5M raised $22.10 for the Apollo Movember team. Well done!!

If you still wish to make a donation you can by clicking on one of the links below.

For Mr Smith

For the Apollo staff team

5M Mo bros and Mo sistas




Campaign Kick-off

In August 2010, Behind the News reported on the persuasive devices used in politics to encourage Australians to vote for their idea. This week grade 5 students will do just that!

By watching this report, I hope it helps your group create a crafty and persuasive campaign to encourage other grade 5 students to vote for your team’s idea to develop or improve an area of our school.

To have the best chance of success, your team will also want to consider having the following the support their campaign:

  • Political Party Name

  • Party Slogan

  • Persuasive Speech

  • Print media (posters and flyers)

  • Badges

  • Commercials

  • Debate

  • How to Vote cards (with preference deals with other groups)

    Your chance to comment – If you could only have one tool to campaign – which one do you think would be the most effective and why?

Curious about cubes and all things cubic

In 5M we have been looking at Volume – the amount of space that a 3D figure takes up.

There have been some fantastic Explain Everything slideshows with annotated photos showing different rectangular prisms that all have a volume of 12 cubic centimetres.

We have learnt that the volume of a rectangular prism can be calculated using multiplication: length x width x height.

This lesson you are going to make cubes with MAB minis.

Step 1. Make a cube using the least amount of MAB minis possible. What is its volume?

Take a photo and annotate with the dimensions and volume in your Explain Everything Volume project.

Step 2. How many MAB minis do you need to add to your cube to make the next largest cube possible. What is its volume now?

Take a photo and annotate with the dimensions and volume.

Step 3. What will be the volume of the next largest cubes you could make? Build 2 more and record them in the Explain Everything Volume project.

 Step 4. Look for a pattern in the dimensions and the volume.


Your chance to comment: What do you think the dimensions and volume of the next cube in the sequence will be? How do you know?






Literature circles launched in 5M

Literature Circles was launched in 5M today. The four texts are…

  • Mahtab’s Story by Libby Gleeson

  • A horse called Elvis by John Heffernan

  • The final lap by Michael Panckridge

  • Emmy and the incredible shrinking rat by Lynne Jonell

Each group meets three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are seven sessions in total to complete the text.

Visit the ‘Literature Circles’ page to get the low-down on the different roles and suggested ways to present your task. There is a page set up for each group too so check-in to see what each group has been discussing.

Behind the News – Passing a Bill

In Integrated we have been talking about the leaders that make decisions for the people that they represent.
Have you ever thought about how new laws are made in Australia?
Watch the Behind the News Story to find out more!

Your task is to make a flowchart in Popplet that explains the process for passing a bill.

Your chance to comment: What is a new law you would like to see in Australia and why?

Grade 5 Leadership Conference


As part of our preparation for Grade 6 and our voting for the 2013 School Leaders, we held a Leadership Conference on the afternoon of Wednesday October 31st. We had three guest speakers who all hold leadership positions in our local community. Each spoke to the grade 5′s about their own personal experiences as leaders as well as giving the students insight into different types of leadership as well as the challenges and opportunities that face leaders.

The grade 5 teachers hope that all students enjoyed the afternoon and also learned some more about how to be effective leaders. To complete our Leadership Conference it would be great to hear from the students about what they enjoyed and what they learned on the afternoon. Students can provide these through commenting on this post.

Special thanks to Hannah, Shawn and Mr Reeve, our school principal, on providing such interesting and informative presentations to the students.